A Satellite In Supermarket

“A Satellite in Supermarket”
Satellite Zone, in collaboration with Gallery70, is thrilled to announce its participation in the Supermarket Art Fair 2024 in Stockholm, Sweden. Supermarket Art Fair is dedicated to showcasing artist-run initiatives, collectives, and independent artists’ initiatives from around the world, it provides a platform for artistic exploration and experimentation.

Satellite Zone, a nomadic art platform founded by Kristanja Cene, Inda Sela, and Resina Meçani, is excited to be part of this global artistic dialogue. Kristanja Cene and Resina Meçani will be participating for the second time, and Inda Sela, the third founding member, will be participating for the third consecutive year, highlighting Satellite Zone’s ongoing dedication.

Through its participation in the Supermarket Art Fair, Satellite Zone aims to engage with diverse audiences and contribute to the vibrant artistic community.

Stay tuned for updates on our exciting journey at the fair!